There are a variety of components that make up a successful Northumberland County Little League season. Board Members, Volunteers, Umpires, participation from Children, support from our Parents, but one of the items often overlooked is Money. There is a substantial cost for us to participate in Little League International, Insurance for the Fields, Maintenance on our Facilities, Uniforms for our Children, All-Star fees, State Tournament fees, regional Little League fees, Concession Stand operating expenses, etc. While we do charge for Little League registration, the fees to Little League, Insurance, and Uniforms negate any profits that Northumberland County Little League would receive from Little League registrations. How do we make up the difference....our SPONSORS.

Without our Sponsors, we would not have a successful season and we would probably not be able to participate in Little League at all. We owe so much to the help and support of everyone, but especially our Sponsors. Without their contributions, we would not be here.